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Vineet's latest CD, Taalworks is available here.

Taalworks review in The Hindu, April 04,2007

Chords & Notes

Taalworks: Magical moments on Tabla with Vineet Vyas
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A lot of effort has gone into the making of this album. The subtle and playful approach to a tabla recital is refreshing. The lehera that plays in the background is melodious and for once, doesn't get drowned out by the tabla.
It is interesting to see the artiste's take on a casual repertoire, for example, the first track, "In The Beginning... ( Uthaan)" teen taal, the lehara in raga Sohini.
"Revelations (Peshkaar)" follows and in the same comfortable momentum from the first piece, it smoothly glides along in an easy fashion, also in teen taal. The lehera featured in "Revelations" is Kalavati and is well synchronised.

The artiste has also experimented with Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata ("Moonlight") as well as music from the opera, "Carnival of the Animals" ("Flight of the Swan") by the French romantic composer, Saint Saens. The music stays true to the classical genre although in today's term, it can easily be labelled as "Lounge Music."