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Taalworks, Solo Album, Vineet Vyas, 2005

WHAT THE PRESS SAYS about Taalworks:

 “The globe just got smaller again…Vyas’ great imagination and North American background occupy the heart of eclectic, post-modern, inter-cultural, 21st century music making.” STEPHEN PEDERSEN, THE HALIFAX CHRONICLE-HERALD, JANUARY 2006.

“Vineet Vyas weaves magic on the tabla with his foot tapping numbers...” SOCIETY MAGAZINE, MUMBAI,FEBRUARY 2007.

“TAAL SE TAAL MILA…Taalworks by Vineet Vyas is a dynamic recording… offers audiences a new and enchanting musical experience.” METRONOW, DELHI, FEBRUARY 2007.

 “Taalworks is a dynamic album…A must hear for the devoted tabla enthusiast.” USP AGE, MUMBAI, FEBRUARY 2007.

Documentary "FINGERS OF FIRE" 2006
World Television Premiere – March 10 at 7pm ET / 4pm PT on Bravo!
INDIAN CLASSICAL MUSIC MEETS BEETHOVEN Tabla player Vineet Vyas reveals his “fingers of fire” on Bravo!

Trudeau's Other Children, 2005
"The Passionate Eye", CBC

Tantra, Indo-fusion group (performer), 2005
independently released in Canada

Jaunpuri & Kafi Malhar:Pt. Ram Narayan, 2003
released by Zig Zag Records,Europe

Bhatiyaar and Shankara: Pt. Brij Narayan, 2003
released by Zig Zag Records, Europe

A Tribute to Hazrat Ameer Khusro, With Ustad Shahid Parvez, Sitar School Toronto, 2002

Invisible Science, MIR, Released by AASH Records, 2001

Neemrana, Released by Music Today, India, 2000

ShankaRagamala, With Gaurav Mazumdar, Released by Anourag Music, 2000

Live in Toronto Ghazals, With Raj Kumar Rizvi, Disha Arts, 2000

Magic of Twilight, With Irshad Khan, Sitar, Released by Naxos, 1999

Sarod Traditional Music of India, With Aditya Verma, Sarod, Released by Oliver Sudden Productions, 1999

Trudeau's Other Children
"The Passionate Eye" CBC Oct 25th @ 10pm Eastern

Directed by Rohan Fernando, Trudeau's Other Children highlights the lives of musicians Vineet Vyas, Mei Han and Asif Illyas, as illustrations of one of the greatest social experiments the world has seen: multiculturalism. Nearly 40 years ago, under the eye of visionary Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Canada began turning itself into the world's first truly multicultural state - a place where people from all nations could be at home. Trudeau's Other Children translates Trudeau's epiphany of making Canada into a multicultural nation into the daily lives of three very different creative individuals. Renowned tabla player Vineet Vyas splits his time  between his native Canada and India, both of which he loves. India has an enticing madness and chaos. The documentary highlights some of his performances and features interviews with the artist himself and family and friends.

Press Releases

For immediate Release, Toronto Ca 10.18.05

upLIFT media Canada

Canada’s “New-Generation” Tabla Talent

Brings Elating North Indian Drums to Center Stage

with Breakthrough CD “Taalworks”

Listings Summary: Vineet Vyas Debut CD Release “TAALWORKS”,  Thurs Nov. 10th, 7:30pm at Aquadisiac, 266 Queens Quay W. Live Tabla Performance, Partial Documentary Screening of  “The Passionate Eye: Trudeau’s other Children” Featuring  Interviews w/ Vineet Vyas.  Admission is Free.  Contact (416) 913-9841 and visit www.vineetvyas.com


Currently touring Japan, Nova Scotian-born Tabla artist Vineet Vyas returns to Toronto to launch his industry anticipated debut CD “TAALWORKS” on Thursday November 10th, 7:30pm at Aquadisiac, 266 Queens Quay W, just west of Harbourfront Ctr. Admission is free. Join Vineet Vyas for an evening of celebration, solo tabla performance and a partial screening of “The Passionate Eye: Trudeau’s other Children”, a CBC television documentary featuring Vineet Vyas in interview and performance. For further information contact (416) 913-9841 and visit www.vineetvyas.com and for concert schedules and on-line CD sales.

Born into a family of traditional musicians and initiated into Hindustani classical music at the age of five, Vineet Vyas is one of Canada’s rising “new-generation” musical talents. A disciple of the legendary Tabla maestro, Pandit Kishan Maharaj, Vyas has performed along side India's eminent classical artists such as Us. Amjad Ali Khan, Pt Rajan, Sajan Mishra, Us.Shahid Parvez, Us. Aashish Khan, Kala Ramnath and Dr. L. Subramaniam.

Now, with his industry anticipated debut CD  “TAALWORKS” meaning rhythm-works, audiences have the opportunity to enjoy and explore the musicality, spontaneity, and creativity Vineet Vyas has become known for on international stages. Featuring North Indian tabla solo compositions combined with the melodic instrumentation of the cello, flute, piano, sarod, and sarangi “TAALWORKS” presents original tracks such as In the Beginning (Uthaan) inspired by the Benares gharana of tabla playing and Bring on the Rain depicting the many moods of the Indian monsoon season.  “As a young boy studying tabla in Benares, I often walked along the ghats of the Ganga River where so many Hindus come to wash away their sins” explains Vyas. “One of my favorite tracks, Benares Dawns on Me tells of the clamor of street sellers, sadhus, local inhabitants and foreigners while being embraced by the underlying peace or ‘shanti’ of the Ganga River...the arrangement itself weaves everyday commotion into a journey of the mystically profound”

From compositional adaptations of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and Saint Saëns’ Flight of the Swan to In the Darbar (Rela, Upaj, Tukre) patterned in ‘Dhire Dhire Kite Taka’ and recitation styles, “TAALWORKS” enchants and enlightens new fans and devoted tabla enthusiasts alike.  Bringing tabla to center stage, join Vineet Vyas at 7:30pm on Thursday November 10th to celebrate the launch of  “TAALWORKS” and hear one of Canada’s “new-generation” artists rising on international circuits.

 “it has  been my vision with this album to bring to the forefront tabla as a solo instrument and provide audiences with a chance to experience their beauty, range, repertoire and adaptability. I am thrilled to share with you the tabla’s vast potential and depth, woven into new and inspiring melodic textures”   - Vineet Vyas